1. What type of background check do your employees undergo?

    Personal Companions undergo a thorough process that includes extensive in-person interviews. In addition, the selection process includes a background investigation that encompasses a screening of criminal reports, employment verification, education verification, fingerprinting and urinalysis.

  2. What is the method of payment for services by HNS?

    Visa, Master Card, American Express

  3. What type of childcare training do your employees receive?

    The personal companions are taken through training that includes child development, child proof training, and Basic Life Support and CPR training.

  4. What happens in the event that I prefer to stay out a bit longer while out on a date?

    You will be billed $20 for each additional hour.

  5. Do I have the choice to opt out of having a camera in my home?

    Yes you do. Cameras are connected to the network of each home and disconnected when the personal companion leaves.

  6. How do I select a personal companion?

    Personal companions are selected based upon member level. If a customer is a member they are able to select a personal companion of their preference. If the customer is not a member they are provided with the personal companion that is available to serve them during that time slot.

  7. Does HNS provide overnight PC service with enough advance notice?

    Not at the present time.

  8. Are your PCs authorized to give children or dependent adults medication?

    Personal companions will only administer medication to children with the written authorization of the parent or guardian. Adults are generally not administered medication but are given a reminder to have the adult take their medication.

  9. In the event that my date night gets cut short do I still get billed for the entire time scheduled?

    Yes, customers are billed for the entire time that the personal companion is
    providing the service to the family.