We offer two standard packages with variations to each package. Package variations are based on a specific amount of time and days for any given services performed. Primary, secondary, and tertiary Personal Companions will be made available to the client so that their family member can be cared for anytime day or night.

Day Packages

The Parent Relief Package is our day package for clients looking for a way to run errands, meet friends for lunch, workout, or just relax for a few hours.

Name of Package Time of Service Hours of Service # of Days Monthly Date Night Out Member PricingNon-member Pricing
Parent Relief Bronzeday410 $99 $115
Parent Relief Silverday430 $230 $255
Parent Relief Goldday450 $359 $389
Parent Relief Platinumday4120 $900 $975
Parent Relief Silver Plusday431 $450 $550
Parent Relief Gold Plusday451 $650 $800

Evening Packages

Clients who desire to re-discover their nightlife can take advantage of one of our various evening packages

Name of Package Time of Service Hours of Service # of Nights Monthly Member PricingNon-member Pricing
Bronzeevening41 $89 $115
Silverevening42 $169 $189
Goldevening43 $250 $265
Platinumevening44 $325 $340