Welcome to Heart Night Services

Welcome to the Heart Night Services (HNS).  We are honored that you have chosen Heart Night Services to become an extension of your family.  HNS focuses on being hospitable to the customers we serve.  The word “hospitable” is defined as promising or suggesting generous and cordial welcome.  When we come into your home we will serve you and your loved ones with a hospitable attitude. As an organization this is our oath to the communities we service. We thank you for choosing us, and appreciate you for being a part of our HNS family.  We would like to welcome you again to Heart Night Services!

Heart Night Services has a 5-step process to assist prospective clients to set up the best short-term getaway for them while we provide care for their loved ones.   The process will typically take less than 7 days from application to your first getaway experience with HNS. As follows are the five steps:

  1.  Application and Survey:  (You are doing it now!)
  2.  Home Evaluation:  Initial interview and site visit at your home.
  3.  Selection of Personal Companion:  Review videos of prospective personal companions and select your top 3.
  4.  Personal Companion Interviews with the top 3 personal companion candidates (prospective members only).
  5.  Service Begins:  Get ready and Go on your first Parent Relief or Date Night!

The following application and survey is your first step to getting the reliable service and assistance that you have been searching for.  If you have any questions at any time during the process please feel free to call us at:  (310) 881-2739.

Please allow approximately 25 minutes to complete this packet.  If you are unable to finish your paperwork, please save and review later.

You will be contacted by a representative within 24 to 48 hours to schedule an appointment regarding the process and any questions you may have about HNS.


Warmest regards,

Heart Night Services

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